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Project Description

PowerChakra. MS's JavaScript Engine hosted inside PowerShell.

main host is on github

This Project will Host MS's Chakra Javascript Engine inside of PowerShell, providing Cmdlets to execute arbitary Javascript, Javascript Functions from within PowerShell.


  • Run Arbitary JS from within PowerShell.
  • Ability to have JSSessions so you can have more than one JS runtime active at a time.
    • get-JSSession -> list in the session in the environment. (or get a specific one).
    • New-JSSession -> ability to create a JS runtime environment with various options.
    • Remove-JSSesson -> remove a JS runtime environment.
  • Load JS files into a JSSession.
  • Load JS files.
  • Run JS functions from PS, passing in properties.
  • return JS results to PowerShell.
  • Get-JSfunction -session X : List functions in a JS session (possibly in the future a provider).
  • Get-JSVariable -Session X : List (or get a specific) variable from JS session.
  • Set-JSVariable -Session X : sets the value of a JS var.
  • Variables , Results and Arguments.
    • transform compatible types automatically (i.e string, bool, int, double (depending on number in JS ), null etc.
    • ability to provide transformation functions.
    • other objects on the way in get transformed into JSON, and on the way out can come as JSON, or get
      transformed to PSCustomObjects.
  • Invoke-JS - main way to run JS
    • a way to invoke it simply where a session is created and destroyed at the end.
    • ability to create a new session with this.
    • ability to run code without returning any values.
    • ability to take in PS arguments, and pass them (and if needed transform them).
    • ability to return results as correct PS types, or JSON or PScustomObject.
  • Invoke-JSfunction -Name ... -Session -Arguments : Ability to call a JS function in a session.
  • New-JSproxy - Ability to take a JS function (or functions) and generate a PS wrapper.

MidTerm Goals

  • Call Back to PowerShell.
  • Access PS variables from within JS.
  • Ability to submit PS events.
  • various package distributions (Joels, Chocolatey , Nuget)
  • CoffeeScript and TypeScript support (include those libraries automatically, and functions that will parse,compile,and execute them)


  • any WebServer or trying to be Node.JS.

Possible Future Scope

  • Enter-JSSession - basically a Javascript REPL interface not too unlike Node.JS
  • Start-JSJob - aysnc sessions that work like jobs. working behind the scenes, either it will plug into the PSJob framework with | Wait-job and Receive-Job or at least work in a consistant manner. (Wait-JSJob , Receive-JSJob).
  • Object to do Ajax calls.


 ipmo PowerChakra -Force

 #invoke a simple expression
 invoke-js "5+5"

 New-JSSession -Name test
 #invoke an expression, in a session, and DON'T RETURN RESULTS
 Invoke-JS -Name test -Script "var x = 5; function add(y){return y+y}" -NoResults
 #reuse the session, running a function previously applied AND return results.
 Invoke-JS -Name test -Script "add(x,10)"

 #create a nested PS object
 invoke-JS -Name test -Script "var ourobj = {name : 'PowerChakra', numbers : [1,2,3] , something: { x:1}  }" -NoResults
 #get object as JSON, then convert to PS object 
 $objectasJSON = invoke-JS -Name test -Script "JSON.stringify(ourobj)"
 $objectasPSobj = ConvertFrom-Json $objectasJSON
 $objectasPSobj | fl



Random Notes

SessionID and Name Call backs JS exceptions.


(C) 2013 ShellTools LLC. Released under Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)

The .Net Javascript Wrapper is derived from MSieJavaScriptEngine Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)


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